Instagram Marketing Tips

Tips for you to grow your Instagram account follower base organically

Instagram Marketing Tips

The Rakuten Marketing, global leader in marketing omnichannel and a division of Rakuten, Inc., today announced the metrics behind the successful ads of the RC Willey, Instagram served in the United States. The market leader, the furniture retailer used social networking ads to attract new customers to your site, through a campaign that has shown impressive results: a rate of clicks (click-through rate) 17 times larger than the company’s standard on Instagram, in addition to more than 5000 tanned in post 1 and provided between 17 September.

“Our main objective is to define strategies that maximize the result of our customers through all channels used by your consumers. The technology of DNA Rakuten Marketing is critical to define the cross-channel campaigns and cross-device, so that the campaigns are even more relevant Instagram within the concept expected “, said Alessandro Gil, Country Head of Rakuten Marketing.

“The team at Rakuten Marketing conducted the process of release of ads on Instagram, working closely with us to identify goals, understand how to get there and give instant access to results of performance – exceeding our expectations in relation to the campaign and solidifying the Instagram likes as a platform of high value which should be a part,” he added Adam Young , Social Media Manager at RC Willey.

The Rakuten Marketing advertising beta access was obtained on Instagram, offering its clients the opportunity to reach one of the largest platforms in the world of mobile advertising – with a community of more than 400,000,000 people. Through targeting, ad units in full screen and continuous optimization, Instagram presents itself as a fully integrated tool, perfect for reaching the target audience.

The benefits of working with the Marketing campaigns in Rakuten Instagram include:

• Specific target audience segmentation: through Rakuten Marketing, segmentation on Instagram goes beyond location, as demographics and tastes. It includes actions that tell more accurately the intention of the user, as the buying behavior and use of the device. The audience of the campaigns is defined by detailed data of Facebook users, allowing the brands deliver relevant messages that help you achieve your goals, ranging from driving new customers to a Web site or application, until the retargeting.

• Integral Display Ads on mobile devices: as a platform for mobile advertising source on Instagram is only available for iOS and Android application officers. The ads follow the natural flow of the application: appear on screen side by side with content that is currently being seen and in formats that include video, link and mobile application installation, with additional formats soon.

• Optimization of campaigns to Achieve the key metrics: Rakuten Marketing offers custom reports and analyses to help brands understand the impressions, clicks, comments, tanned and conversions for each block of ads. The team works to ensure that campaigns reach consumers more likely to click on an ad and take action on them.

Instagram access is available to customers in the United States, us Marketing Rakuten Australia, Europe and Brazil. Advertising on Instagram through Rakuten Marketing can be used for creating brand awareness, attracting prospects, retargeting and customer retention – the Marketing plans additional applications Rakuten.

“The Instagram has quickly become an essential place for brands to connect with your current and potential customers,” said Adam Grow, Senior Vice President of Rakuten Marketing. “When you add the Instagram to offer from Rakuten Marketing, customers can easily integrate the platform into your marketing strategy, without the burden of inclusion of other vendor to manage in your list of activities — and, more importantly, our team is impressing customers with the results from the ads of Instagram that offer”.

The Rakuten Marketing offers holistic solutions that encompass advertising channels, social platforms and devices, eliminating the need to manage and communicate with multiple suppliers and buy instagram likes. By Rakuten Marketing, brands have access to insights from metrics in real time and complete transparency of the performance of your campaigns, and information about changes in investments, in order to optimize the results.

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